The best dog beds of 2023: comfort and health for your pet

by Liz Barcelos

We all know that a good night's sleep can completely transform our mood, and this is no different for your friend. Your dog's bed is a crucial item, after all, after lively games or a long walk, your friend deserves a cozy pet bed to rest on. Investing in a high-quality bed not only provides comfort, but also prevents problems with your little friend's joints and spine, as well as reducing unnecessary stress.

Choosing the perfect bed

When you decide to invest in a bed for your pet, it is essential to consider several aspects, such as size, shape, material and model. Furthermore, your dog's characteristics, such as age, size and personality, also play an important role in choosing the ideal bed. In this guide, we will provide valuable tips on the characteristics of beds and present a ranking of the 10 best beds for dogs in 2023, so you can give your pet comfort and style. Let's go!

Ranking of the 5 best dog beds of 2021

Here is our selection of the best dog beds in 2023, considering different needs and budgets:

1. Medium Dog Bed – Mec Dreams

2. Bed with waterproof sheet BF – Box Pet

3. Europa Paris Bed – Fábrica Pet

4. Medium/Large Luxury Bed – Luppet

5. Waterproof Bed – PetGram

Choosing the type of bed

When choosing the type of bed for your dog, take your pet's preferences and needs into account. There are five main types of beds:

1. Igloo Bed: for protection and comfort

   – Ideal for dogs that need extra heat.

   – Recommended for colder regions.

   – Perfect for anxious dogs, providing a cozy and relaxing environment.

2. Cushioned bed: versatility for all sizes

   – Available in different sizes, suitable for all sizes.

   – Simple, comfortable and with removable lining for easy cleaning.

3. Bed with sides: comfort and security

   – Ideal for small to medium dogs.

   – Provides a feeling of security and protection.

   – Suitable for subtropical climates.

4. Suspended bed: practicality and thermal comfort

   – Easy to clean and move.

   – Keeps the pet off the ground, ideal for hot climates.

   – Great for dogs with low immunity.

5. Divan bed: sophistication and comfort

   – A more elegant option.

   – Recommended for larger dogs.

   – Due to its height, it is not suitable for elderly dogs or those with back problems.

Suitable bed size

The size of your dog's bed is crucial to your pet's comfort. Very large beds may not

 offer comfort for small dogs, while beds that are too small can be uncomfortable for large dogs. Check out the ideal measurements according to your pet’s size:

– Size S: For small dogs. Measurements: 57cm wide, 44cm deep and 13cm high.

– Size M: For medium-sized dogs. Measurements: 67cm wide, 54cm long and 15cm high.

– Size L: For large dogs. Measurements: 75cm wide, 63cm long and 20cm high.

– Size XL: For larger breeds. Ranging from 90 to 100cm wide, 120cm long and 20cm high.

Remember to consider the height of the bed, as animals also age and lose mobility over time.

Choosing the appropriate material

Choosing the material for your dog's bed should take into account the climate in your region. Some common materials include polyester, polyurethane, polypropylene, microfiber, and cotton. Fillers are usually made from polyester or silicone. Selecting the appropriate material is essential to guarantee a good night's sleep for your pet and prevent health problems.

– In hot climates, opt for more breathable beds and thinner fabrics.

– In cold climates, choose beds with more closed structures and bulky fabrics, such as plush.

Think about the climate in your area when selecting the best bed for your dog.

Internal or external use

Depending on the bed model chosen, it is important to determine whether it will be used indoors or outdoors. Place the bed in places with good air circulation for a more neutral and protected climate. In outdoor environments, opt for more resistant materials and make sure the bed has a cover to protect against rain.

Choosing the right bed for your dog will contribute to his comfort and well-being. Remember to consider your pet's preferences, the climate in your region and the tips presented in this guide when choosing the best bed for your faithful four-legged friend. Give him a restful and refreshing night's sleep in a bed that meets his needs. Your dog deserves the best!

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