The best cat scratching posts: keeping your feline happy and your furniture in one piece

by Liz Barcelos

We understand the importance of keeping your cat happy and your furniture intact. Cats have an innate need to scratch, and it is essential to meet this need appropriately. In this article, we will present the best cat scratching posts available on the market and how to teach your feline to use them, so that your furniture remains untouched.

Why Do Cats Scratch?

Before we dive into the scratching posts themselves, it's crucial to understand why cats scratch. This is an essential part of feline behavior. Cats scratch to mark their territory, sharpen their nails, exercise, expend energy and reduce stress. Even if you provide a stimulus-rich environment, your cat will still want to scratch.

The Importance of Scratching Posts for Cats

Scratching posts play a crucial role in the lives of cats, providing physical and psychological benefits. They offer a place for exercise and physical activity, allowing the cat to spend energy in a healthy way. Furthermore, by marking the scratching post with its nails and pheromones, the cat feels safe and at home.

Scratching posts also play an important role in “catifying” the home, creating an enriched environment that stimulates cats’ natural instincts.

What are the Best Scratchers for Cats?

Now, the crucial part: what are the best cat scratching posts? The answer may vary by cat, but recent research has identified some general preferences. Cats up to 9 years old tend to prefer sisal scratching posts, while older cats generally opt for carpet or sisal rope.

However, it is important to remember that individual cats' preferences may be different. Therefore, offering a variety of surfaces, such as sisal, cardboard and carpet, can be a smart strategy. Starting with a sisal scratching post and a cardboard scratching post is an excellent option.

Cat Scratcher Models

Now, let's explore some models of scratching posts that you can consider for your feline:

Sisal Scratching Post for Cats

This is a classic and effective model. Make sure it is high enough for the cat to stretch out completely. The base must be firm to ensure stability.

Sisal Scratch Post with Plush (Large)

This model combines the appeal of sisal with the comfort of plush. Plus, many come with toys to entertain your cat.

Sisal Wall Scratcher

Ideal for saving space, this scratching post is fixed to the wall and can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Cardboard scratching posts are lightweight, economical and often double as beds for your cat. They are ideal for introducing variety.

How to Teach Your Cat to Use a Scratching Post

Now that you know the best scratching posts, it's time to teach your cat how to use them. Start by positioning the scratching post in a prominent location where your cat usually scratches. Praise and reward your cat whenever he uses the scratching post.

Remember that patience is key. Your cat may need some time to get used to the new scratching post, but with persistence, he will soon adopt it as his favorite place.

In short, cat scratching posts are essential for keeping your feline happy and your furniture intact. Choose the model that best suits your cat's preferences and teach him how to use it. Over time, your cat will love scratching his new toy and you will have scratch-free furniture.

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