Understanding Sisu and how it works

by Liz Barcelos

What is Sisu

The Unified Selection System, known as Sisu, is a federal government initiative that uses Enem scores to select candidates for vacancies in public higher education institutions. Launched in 2010, the system facilitates access to higher education, promoting educational inclusion.

How Sisu works

Registration and requirements

To participate in Sisu, candidates must have participated in the previous year's Enem and not have completed the essay. Registration is carried out exclusively online, requiring CPF and Enem password. During the registration process, participants can choose up to two course options, with the possibility of changing them while the registration period is open.

Selection process

After registrations close, the system selects the best classified for each course, taking into account the Enem grades and the competition modalities. Vacancies are filled according to the order in which candidates are ranked.

Quota policy and competition modalities

Sisu follows the Quota Law, reserving at least 50% of places for public school students. In addition, there are subdivisions for low-income candidates, self-declared black, mixed race, indigenous and people with disabilities. Some institutions may have their own affirmative policies, creating additional forms of competition.

Important dates and documentation

Sisu's calendar varies annually, making it crucial to keep track of registration and selection dates. The documents required for enrollment are specified by the chosen educational institution and must be provided within the established deadlines.

Strategies to increase your chances

Choice of courses and institutions

When choosing courses and institutions to enroll in Sisu, it is important to consider the cutoff score and historical competition for each option. Choosing courses with less competition and institutions where the candidate's Enem score is closer to the cutoff score increases the chances of approval.

Enrollment monitoring

Monitoring the cutoff score updated daily by the system allows the candidate to make strategic adjustments to course options during the registration period. If the candidate's grade is close to or above the cutoff grade for a particular course, it is recommended to keep it on the list of options. Otherwise, it may be advantageous to replace this option with another where the cutoff score is closer to the score obtained in the Enem.

This outline provides detailed information about how Sisu works, from the application process to strategies to increase your chances of approval. By following the guidelines and paying attention to the dates and requirements, candidates can make the most of the opportunities offered by the system and enter higher education in a more assertive and conscious way.

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